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Real estate is one of the most promising industry on this planet. Being a property seller, the most important aspect is a genuine home buyer. We at Promozie, strive to get that genuine buyer to you!
We are meticulous in every aspect of our work!
We love to go through every minute detail until we create inch perfect solutions for our clients because we believe that success cannot be achieved overnight! We also believe that time is money and missing deadlines is not our style!
Our core goal is to serve the real estate industry as over the years we have perfected and created the success mantra for this industry! We know what our clients need and how to deliver it to them!
Meeting genuine buyer with seller is the sole vision and mission of this portal.

Launch your full featured real estate website today

Make a Lasting Impression With a High-End, Semi-Custom, Professional Agent, Team, Office, or Broker Website.

Experts for Real Estate Websites & Portals.

As first impressions go your website is the first thing a user sees and it can be a major make or break factor for a customer! A good impression can convert a prospective client while a bad one can kill it! As the real estate market is on the rise, this would be the perfect time to entice your customers through a well-planned, interactive web presence!

We provide high-end, attractive and modern real estate websites for agents, builders, and brokers that will embody your brand and image to the highest professional level that will surely impress!

All of our real estate websites are semi-custom websites. That means you’ll get a professional real estate website that not only represents your company brand, but will be targeted with the areas you are farming by utilizing communities and custom homes lists.


Our Real Estate App Development Services


Let One App Do All the Work.

Smartphones these days are more powerful than few computer and laptops! Smartphones are handy and people can easily access anything using them.
Mobile applications have made a user’s life so easy that from ordering food to online bill payments everything can be done with a touch of your finger! Real estate is no different!
We create mobile applications which make selling and renting of property a smooth and hassle free process!

Customer can know about the progress of the property they bought through a mobile app. In real time! Home buyers won’t need to visit construction sites anymore! They can view the site’s progress through images, pay installment for their property online, enquire about any new project coming up etc. It will be convenient for both customers and constructors alike!
Mobile solutions proffers several perks to the real estate industry in order to give their customers unmatched flexibility to search their desired property with ease and efficiency.

App’s features

1.Customer can view new arrivals
2.Cutomer will be upto date with site progress
3.Notification of next installments
4.Details of site(nearby places like hosptal,school,market places,etc)
5.Do enqiuries

360° Digital Marketing Solutions tailored to your needs!

Did you know that 80% of home buyers search online before contacting a real estate builder!

Why Real Estate needs Digital Marketing?

We know the importance of leads in the real estate business. As technology takes strides forward by revolutionizing how people use electronic devices why not take advantage of that fact! Did you know that before approaching a sales executive for a property an average customer browses through the net for more information at least five times! And why not as this era is shaped by information which is readily available at your fingertips on your phone! So what I am trying to say is that if you don’t have a digital marketing presence you are missing out on potential customers!

Digital Marketing provides good return on investment, you can track your performance metrics, you can target your Ads to specific people, etc. I know it looks like a daunting task but that is why we are here for you! From boosting your social media presence to Ranking your website on google we will do it all!

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Complete traditional marketing package!


Complete traditional marketing package!

Though digital marketing services are the thing to go for you can’t rule out traditional marketing just yet! The main drawback of digital marketing is that you can’t reach people who are not Internet savvy or don’t have an internet connection altogether; that is when traditional marketing comes into picture. Traditional marketing as a mode of promotion and advertising has been used by companies for years and has a proven success rate. This method of marketing is here to stay!

Combining traditional and digital marketing is a recipe for success as you have quite covered all potential home buyers! Print newsletter, postcard mailers, billboards, signage and radio and TV advertising you name it we specialize in them all! We provide a complete package to boost your local presence! Our custom marketing strategies our tailored to your brand image!

Real Estate Graphic Design & Branding Services

Real Estate Graphic Design for Pre- and Post-Construction Marketing

Why Choose Graphic Design?

There are few successful real estate professionals who haven’t mastered the fine art of branding. Strategic branding enables agents to differentiate themselves from their competitors, which gives them an edge in today’s challenging real estate market.

Graphic design can play a vital role in helping agents promote themselves and their services by enabling them to create more compelling visual presentations. Promozie Media Solutions offers a suite of innovative graphic design services for real estate agents that can play a prominent role in any well-crafted marketing strategy and contribute to achieving the loftiest sales objectives.

Graphic Designer


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